Monday, June 11, 2018

Just breathe! Birthdays and Father's Day! June is one busy month for me.

So this week is one busy week. I have another birthday coming up for my daughter on the weekend. My son and daughter are both born in June and their birthdays are one week Geez! They going to not like it when they grow I have been busy shopping for gifts for my daughter. She is my princess and she gets to be spoilt on her lucky day. I might even get her nails done for her. lol She is going to be 3 years old, she knows what she wants. She already said she wants a princess cake and hinting what toy she

Father's day is this Sunday as well. I have to get the hubby spoiled too with gifts. Too much to do in June in my life. I just booked his favorite restaurant for us to all go out to eat out on Sunday

I had to buy something for my father as well for Father's day coming up

My sister is having a birthday as well,...need to get her a card /cute

Work is still busy as usual, but I am slowly getting used to the job, so it's not as stressful as when I started

Children's birthdays, Father's Day, Work life ...and only one mum. ...everything is Busy

Hopefully next month will be a quiet month and I can get some sleep and not worry about anyone. lol

That's if  it is possible, knowing my new friend that I met in this city is having a baby next month, so l will still have to buy presents for new baby .lol

Until then , it's birthdays and father's day coming up .lol

Have a blessed week!

Bye for now!

Half Girlfriend- love this movie. I give it 10 stars for suspense.

So now that things are getting more settled with work and life. I had some free time over the weekend to watch Netflix. I enjoy binge watching movies back to back. This movie is one of my favorites right now. It has it all. I am talking about romance, suspense, beauty, everything is in this movie.. I find myself worried and wondering what the end would be. I love the music  too in this movie, just one good movie that I will find myself watching again.

Indian movies rock!

Jayden is one birthday!

Happy Monday,

My weekend was busy. Everyone seem to be having a birthday lately. One of my neighbors husband turned 40, and we were invited to the party. My son turned one on Saturday, so it was busy.  We spent most of the day at the shopping mall. Sunday was all about guest visiting the baby to give gift. It was a busy weekend. I am so glad he had a fun one. He ate lots of cake and loved playing with his toys so far.

10 things l love about Jayden so far

1) I love his name Jayden, so precious and loves his mum so much
2) He loves to give hugs
3) He loves to smile
4) He has the biggest smile
5) He eats very well
6) He sleeps well
7) He loves to play with his toys
8) He loves to be snuggled
9) He pays attention to details
10) He's just a boy and my baby boy always

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Life updates! Free foodies, work life, one year old birthday coming up ...just me living life

What new in your world? Mine is not too bad at this time. I am trying to balance working and kids and just be the best me at the same time. It's all a juggling game right  The kids are in a good daycare at this time, so it's not too bad. I am able to get some rest during the daytime and work at night time. It's just recovering from working night shift is

Life at a new job  is krazy but it's not bad. hanging in there. I love to do my eye brows for work. lol My patients all say my eye brows always on fleek. ha ha! I  am just a eye brow type of girl.  I love the patients and people I work with so far, it's like a small family. It's been nice to learn a lot about my job, someday are good, some are stressful but it's all part of the big picture. hanging in there!

Took advantage of the buy one , get one free at Chipotle for nurses. My hubby got the free one

My son Jayden will be one year old this Saturday. I am so happy for him and can't wait to spoil him this weekend.  Where did the time fly to?

Life is busy, life is stressful, life is fun. Just taking it all a day at a time

Have a blessed week

Out of here!

Mental illness , depression, suicide and how it knows no class system. It affects the rich and the poor.

Morning beautiful people,

I hope you are having a good one,

Got some time today to blog about a topic so dear on my heart

If you all read the news today, you would know we lost a gem to suicide. I am referring to fashion icon KATE SPADE.

I was sad when I read about it that she killed herself. The first question that went through my mind is how a powerful rich woman with a family could kill onself

I work in mental health , so hearing or reading about suicide is not new to me.

A lot of people been commenting about how such a powerful and yet beautiful woman could kill herself. That all her money did not make her happy, she even had a 13 year old daughter

What people fail to realize is that mental illness, depression has no class. It affects the healthy or unhealthy, the rich or poor. Just because someone is smiling at you, or living a rich life does not mean they got it all figured out. Maybe they are going through a recent illness, one is unaware about, maybe they are dealing with some type of loneliness, it could be anything. One cannot control the negative demons.

Sometimes they may even be on some type of depressants, and odds are some depressants due to its serotonin release can make one better and also take one to a bad place of committing suicide

I felt sad knowing Kate Spade bags were always in the shopping mall and I love looking at how gorgeous and colorful they were. I imagined her bags to be for the rich and classy ladies. I could never afford one at that time, I never knew the face behind the bag. And if not for yesterday news, I would have imagined the creator of the bags to be some vibrant, classy and happy lady

We live in a real world where healthy has no discrimination. I really don't know what she was facing, but knowing she killer herself with a scarf /door knob is scary.  Her husband was at home when it happened and her housekeeper found her dead

It just makes you imagine the pain or what she was facing at that time. She was home with people yet still dealing with her battle

I believe in this life, it is never a bad thing to reach out to others even if it is asking they how are you feeling today? Are you okay? Do you have any negative thoughts? Just sharing kindness and spending time to listen to another

One can have all the money in this world, yet be depressed or suicidal

One can have all the fame and family in the world yet be lonely

The poor commit suicide

The rich commit suicide

The wealthy commit suicide

Let's spread the world and help prevent suicide

Suicide life line number

Before it's too late

May God comfort Kate Spade's family at this time. Amen!


Thursday, May 31, 2018

life update, working night shifts, adapting to new city!

Hello everyone,

Thanks for reading as usual,

I feel like been slacking on my blog.

 Working full time as a nurse has taken all my time. It's crazy because every free time is spent with the kids and sleeping/taking care of home life. I get so tired after working 12 hour shift as a nurse and night shifts.

Life is krazy busy!

Adjusting to new city and  everything is krazy busy but am thankful!

So far it's been exciting getting to meet new people, making new friends and enjoying exploring a new city

I have met a lot of friendly faces and my kids have even been invited to birthday parties aleady

I love that my new city has a ton of diversity, never a dull moment making friends in this city

The days are busy, time flies so quick , l am learning to cherish every moment with family and just take moments one day at a time

Have a blessed early weekend!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Happy Mother's Day Weekend to Everyone


Hope everyone is doing great.

I know it's going to be a busy weekend for everyone with mother's day coming up in the states

A lot of busy bee been going on in my world

I finally moved  to a new city but settling down is another thing, there are still lots of boxes to unpack and I am really tired to unpack

I also got a new job as a registered nurse

I have a lot of exploring to do in my new city but let's just say I am enjoying my new city already

Moving is not easy at all especially with little kids

Moving taught me to not buy too much stuff.  You will be surprised at the number of things you have as an adult. It made me question how did we get here. I was so surprised by the number of things we accumulated over a few years since marriage. By the time the movers packed our babies stuff, it was a lot of stuff.

Moving also taught me that the main people in the home make a home. All the other things is just stuff. It's the family in a home that makes a home. When all your stuff is moved out of your home and it is empty. You just say all is vanity. All is

Hope you all have a blessed mother's day weekend

From me to you!

enjoy the weekend!

Hopefully  I will try and blog more often but life is busy, so I will not promise anything.