Monday, March 19, 2018

Are you a modern woman? What type of woman are you?

I was talking with a friend the other day and we got talking about modern women of today. My friend asked me this question. Are you a modern woman? I did not know how to answer

There are different types of women today or ladies. So after reading this post, tell me which one you are

1) The exercise queen- She is all about her diet and fitness routine. She loves to do yoga or try out the newest exercise equipment there is to try. She claims that she is sexy and fit. She loves to workout. She is the one woman you see walking down the block at 6:00 a.m. or p.m. She loves to look good and keep her figure.

2) The Society woman- Everyone knows her at every event. She attends all the galas and is a fancy queen. She is known in society. She considers herself somewhat successful since she attends all this events. She might be married or single, but she is rocking her social life. She spends so much money on clothes, and makeup. She is somewhat self centered. All she thinks about is what to wear to the next events. She thinks she has all the friends but she forgets that the people are superficial

3) The Social media woman: She loves instagram, snap chat, twitter, face book or any new social media site. She loves to post on all these everyday. She will take a selfie in the morning and post it on all her social media accounts. She is obsessed with the internet.

4) The Career woman: She will brag to you and everyone about how she works hard. She complains of her boss all the time. She loves to earn her own money and will not quit working no matter the situation. She is a no nonsense type of woman

5) The glamorous woman: You can always find this woman at Sephora or the newest makeup shop in town. She loves makeup and perfumes. She loves to smell good. She loves to shop makeup. Her monthly money all goes to hair and makeup . She is just a glam woman

6) The high maintenance woman: Money is not her problem but how to spend it. She loves to look good and smell great. She has money, she loves to shop. She drives a fancy car and enjoy the good life. She is a fancy queen

7) The quiet woman: She lives a quiet life and is happy being her

8) The drama woman: Drama follows her wherever she goes, she hangs out with the wrong people and is always in some type of drama

9) The modern woman: she rocks heels at all times, she is the woman you will find with a red lipstick on her lips. she is a fashionista, a beautiful woman and earns her own money

10) The wanna bee woman: She tries to be like everyone else. She suffers from poor self esteem. She needs help

11) The religious woman: She loves the lord and reads her bible everyday. She is a good woman. She could be christian or a hjaab wearing woman.

12) The stay at home mum: She is driven and will do anything for her kids. Her kids always come first. She has happy kids knowing she manages her home well. She sometimes get put down by society for not working but she don't care. As long as her home is happy and kids are doing great. She is happy

What type of woman are you?

Have a blessed day!

Happiness Monday!

Happiness can be translated from the Greek concept of eudaimonia, and refers to the good life, or flourishing" as opposed to an emotion"...(Wikipedia)


It's Monday,

The start of a new week.

How are you feeling today?

I was washing the dishes this morning and a thought came to mind.  When was the last time you truly felt happy?

Happiness is hard to define. To some it is a state of mind, to others it can be found in moments or experiences in life

I would be sharing with you ways to feel happy

Happiness can be found in a yummy ice cream

Happiness is a happy marriage

Happiness is when your husband buys you flowers

Happiness is when your husband cooks dinner

Happiness is the sound of rain

Happiness is a cozy blanket and a good book

Happiness is a beautiful journal to write

Happiness is a pretty new mug

Happiness is new eye lashes

Happiness is adult coloring book

Happiness is hanging out with good friends that want the best for you

Happiness is in reading a good book

Happiness is blowing bubbles or taking a good bath with your favorite scents

Happiness is baking cookies with kids

Happiness is having money to buy whatever you want now

Happiness can be found in good sleep

Being happy is when you just feel so great

You put on some good music and just be in the moment

Happiness can be found on a lonely road drive, the sky is blue , the birds are singing and the wind is great on your hair

Happiness can be found at the beach, the waves feel great and the airy breeze

Happiness can be found in a quiet bookstore, the smell of books and coffee

Happiness can be found in a great yummy dish cooking, the smell of curry and fried fish

Happiness can be found in worship with the Lord

Happiness can be found in doing laundry, the smell of clean clothes and the feeling of being accomplished

Happiness can be found in passing an exam

Happiness can be found in having a great career

Happiness can be found in you

Happiness is watching an old favorite movie

Happiness is in walking down your street on a sunny day

Happiness is the sound of a washing machine

Happiness is in YOGA

Happiness is in painting on a canvas

Happiness is in a neat closet

Happiness is in positive people around you

Happiness can be found in doing YOU

Happiness can be found in cup of coffee

Happiness can be found in a yummy bakery, the smell of lemon cake...yummy!

Happiness can be found in shopping, trying on that sexy dress and feeling great

Happiness can be found in makeup, the beauty of playing with colors and feeling beautiful in the moment

Happiness can be found in a beautiful Indian market, the spices and beauty of people everywhere shopping

Happiness can be found at a local craft store, the beauty of fabrics...satin felt on the hands...happy!

Happiness can be found in photography, taking pictures of the little things like a selfie...:-)

Happiness can be found in the flea market, looking at old stuff and feeling happy

Happiness is the smell of Arabic coffee

Happiness is the beauty of fall leaves

Happiness is the beauty of Christmas

Happiness is eating marshmallow by the fireside

Happiness is a quiet peaceful day alone

Happiness is kindness

Happiness is flowers

Happiness is in watching snow fall by the window

Happiness is in listening to the birds sing

Happiness is the smell of a yummy fragrance

Happiness is paying your bills and feeling free

Happiness is silence

Happiness is in the hair store...the different wigs and extensions , colors give happiness

Happiness is a baby sleeping on your arms in peace

Happiness is a clean home

Happiness is Netflix binge watching and feeling peaceful

Happiness is the smell of spiced peppersoup...yummy

Happiness is laughing with your friends

Happiness is a baby smiling at you

Happiness is people watching at the cherry blossom in DC

Happiness is licking popsicle in your favorite flavors...strawberry, banana

Happiness can be anything

Happiness is eating out at a new Mexican restaurant

Happiness is taking a road trip to a new city

Happiness is just anything that makes you feel so GOOD

Have a nice day!


Saturday, March 17, 2018

Stop apologizing for who you for you

Some people would love to see you change yourself  or do something else to please them

Tell them to shut up and live for you

You only have one life to live


You don't owe anyone any explanation for how you choose to live your life

Enjoy your days

Be happy

Be you



Take pictures

Have a good laugh or cry

Just LIVE 

Out of here for the weekend! Bye

Thanks for reading everyone.

Shut up type of rant!

It's about to get real in here.

It's the weekend and am just tired of some things that happens in the society we live in. Why is it that people are just mean. Let's picture a situation where there is this Nigerian couple, the man and his wife have not had a baby for seven years. The guy blames his wife for the infertility and meanwhile the guy is an educated man. I get so angry at this guy knowing it's so unfair to blame the wife for not having a baby. Shut up and go get checked too. You only have this lady doing all the hospital check up for a baby while you sit at home, get a life and go get checked too!

Another situation of a couple I know, so this lady is very hardworking and married to this dude. The guy refuses to work and waste all of her money. The dude will go around spreading lies about this lady, let's not forget this lady is a professional and does her her best for this dude. Shut up dude! Enough is said

Society pisses me up, when you read about black woman problems. Black angry woman, who invented that? Who made all this crap about natural hair or permed hair.  It is freaking hair, hair is hair. It grows when cut long or short. Can't the black woman just live and be happy in this earth. Shut up society! I said it

Who invented the word marriage pressure and all that crap? Why can't single women be left alone? It's truly not by force for single women to be forced into marriage. Can't a woman just be a woman and enjoy her life. Must she be forced into having kids and marriage. Marriage is not for everybody. Shut up society!

What about instagram or social media drama? It's not by force for someone to like your picture or stuff. If someone is not liking your picture on istagram but has the mouth to complain about how you live your life. Tell them to shut the hell up. Shut up.

The people that like to abuse women that choose to stay home with their kids , calling them lazy. Women have to deal with a lot in life especially when they have babies. What about the men that abuse married women and tell them to keep quiet. Society don't like women to speak up when they are hurting.Shut up society and let our women be.

What about the people that think they are more superior than others? The rich that look down on the poor, the white that don't like blacks, the people who mistreat another for one reason or the other, the  friend that keeps lying to you all the time the same nonsense lie . I tell you to shut the nonsense lie. Shut up! I am done talking.

What about the people that think fat women are unattractive? They love to say fat women can't have a place in society.  Even when a woman is skinny, she still gets abused by the same mean society. Ain't no body got time for that...Shut up!

The people that love to point fingers at another person's life. Those that blame one for how you choose to live your life. They hate that you love this or that. They can't stand when you wear your hair down or up. What' wrong with this people? Shut up now and mind your own business.

Is there someone trying to put their hand or mouth in your own personal business? Tell then to shut up  and don't apologize for it.

                      If someone can't stand you or loves to point negativity at what you do

                Tell them to mind their own business and shut the hell up.

                  It's 2018 and no one has time for that 

              I am seriously done talking of the same drama, issues or problems

                           Have a good weekend!

                         I rest my case.


Happy St Patrick Day!

What are you doing for fun this weekend?

Enjoy the day!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Nursing week post: Cancer or Beauty...loving the bald head trend. Can you rock bald head in 2018?

If you have been following the news lately, you will know that bald head is trending now. All our celebrities are going bald. 

Throw away the weaves or wigs and let's rock bald head

I find it quite sexy. 

The freedom of not worrying about wigs or weaves must be amazingg

No worry of hair saloon problems

You just wake up and shower cold water on your head

It must feel so good to be free

Some women go bald to be free from all their hair drama

Some go bald for

Some go bald to make a statement to society

It's not cancer , it's the new beauty trend

Beauty comes in all types

Bald or not bald

I love the new bald trend

Can you see yourself going bald?

Are you confident to rock it in public?

Loving all this beauties :-)

You can't please everybody

There was a time when I used to try to please everyone

I wanted her to like me

I wanted to be her friend badly

I wanted to be someone am not

But in my thirties , I realized that no one owe me nothing

I owe me to be myself

The people one is trying to please are not paying my bills or doing anything to better my life

All they do is add stress to it

Not worth my time

If someone  don't like you for who you are

That's their problem

I don't care

This life is too short to be stressed over someone not liking you

There is always that person who hates one

They think your hair is unattractive

They think you eat like a bird

They think you don't raise your kids right

They think you suck at one thing or the other

You can't please everyone

Only you can please yourself

It's 2018

Life is short

Are you people pleasing others?

Live for YOU!