Thursday, December 13, 2018

12 days to Christmas- how do you all get into the Christmas spirit?

So it's officially 12 days to Christmas,

Something about the month of December makes everyone feel festive

Even if you don't enjoy celebrating, there is something to cheer you up at this time of the month

Is it watching hallmark movies, or people who put decorations on their cars. 

For me , what excites me at this time of the year is seeing my Christmas tree being light at night, also I enjoy looking outside at the lights outside my neighborhood

Growing up in Nigeria as a kid, what excited me about Christmas was the festive spirit ...things such as knock out (fire works), also I enjoyed my parents spoiling us to new clothes  and new hair, I enjoyed eating white rice and stewed hen with Nigerian salad, talk about delicious. My mother was a very good cook :-)

In America, Christmas is celebrated a little different, the tv and stores keep one excited about the beauty of Christmas, but it seems to be more centered on gift buying. I enjoy seeing everyone having beautiful Christmas trees in their windows, I enjoy seeing the stores having Christmas stuff.

I would say the main thing about Christmas is celebrating it with people with people who mean the world to you, be it family or friends , or a stranger. As long as it is spent with people who matter.

Also if you get a gift that you like at Christmas, enjoy the moment.

5 things that get me in the Christmas spirit

1) My Christmas tree at home
2) Kids taking pictures with Santa
3) Watching classic or Christmas movies
4) Seeing friends and family
5) Drinking hot cocoa with candy cane in it

What gets you in the Christmas spirit?

Monday, December 10, 2018

Monday inspirations! Have a blessed week!

Hello everyone,

Can't believe it's 15 days to Christmas, was just talking to my hubby that this year is flying by so fast. Before we know it , 2019 will be here

Have you all finished  your Christmas shopping? 

I will be sharing 10 inspiration thoughts for you this Monday

1) Forgiveness is everything

2) Karma is real, what goes around comes around

3) Saving a little for a rainy day is key, we all are going to get old someday and one must have some future savings for emergencies, or rainy day events

4) Don't tell all your secrets, save a little something for you

5) Enjoy moments and experiences

6) Don't waste your energy on vain people

7) Smiling is everything

8) Watch the snow flakes sometimes, it's calming just like rain

9) Don't forget the significance of the season while shopping and exchanging gift with family and friends, it's Jesus birthday month

10) Thank God for allowing you to see today, because everyday is a blessing in itself :-)

Monday, December 3, 2018

December is a busy month

@Beautiful people,

Wow, is it just me or has time flown upon us. I cannot believe it is already December 3rd.  Where is the time running to. I plan on taking the kids to go take photographs with Santa Clause this week, my kids are excited and can't wait. Hopefully, the pictures turn out great with the kids having the biggest smile ever.

Speaking of which, my kids are the most happiest ,ever smiling kids. I am very grateful for them.  My son is always laughing  and my daughter is such a good big sister. It's been great being their mother and a blessing to their lives. 

One thing I am loving at the moment is this Loofar bar soaps from Primal elements. I really cannot say enough positive reviews. The smell of this natural soap is divine and worth buying. I love all the different colors and truly this bar soaps is nothing short of the best smelling soap out there.

December is such a busy month, there is gifts to buy, errands to run, people to visit, girlfriend brunch to visit, nursing work life  is busy too. Also, I am expecting another child and the baby is due sometime in middle of  May.  So far this pregnancy has flown by so fast and I cannot believe second trimester is here to stay.  Life is busy and I really look forward to becoming  a mother of 3 kids. I am excited and look forward to the new baby which am thankful for knowing the baby will fit right in with my son and daughter whether its a boy or girl. We are just excited to add another new baby to the house :-)

Life is busy

But in all things

I am thankful 

Stay safe everyone, out of here!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

What's on your mind?

Hello everyone,

Today is Wednesday,

Time is flying so fast, December is fast approaching

What's on my mind today?

I am here typing this post drinking some chilled sparkling apple-cranberry 100% juice. This juice has been in my fridge since thanksgiving, I just knew someone had to drink it and it has to be me. My hubby don't care for it

Eating some blt sandwich, love the taste of bacon and tomatoes in a cripsy sandwich. You can add egg to it and it makes a  yummy breakfast

Kids are doing great, life been busy as always, love being a mother to two beautiful kids, I am thankful for my babies in my life

Work been work as usual, just busy as nurse. I enjoy being a working mother and a charge nurse for my facility, but let's just say there are days I still struggle to balance life. It's not easy.

There are some people I know that have finished buying their holiday gifts, bravo to them.

This year my friends and I are all doing christmas gift exchanges, it should be fun. We are buying gift for three other girlfriends, each lady is to spend at least $10 to $25 dollars, not bad for a gift exchange for girlfriends. So each lady ends up getting 3 cute gifts....Excited!

There are some evil stuff going in the world, but I choose to surround myself with positives, One thing for sure in this world is that it is always going to have negatives but it is how we surround ourselves with positives that we can have a better life.

Cheers to a new month coming ahead!

Cheers to a fabulous December!

Monday, November 26, 2018

Counting down to Christmas!

Now that thanksgiving and black Friday is gone

It's time to count down to Christmas

Something about the spirit of Christmas that makes one feel great

Sending everyone early festivities wishes as you prepare for the holiday.

Remain blessed!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving Week

Hello Lovelies,

Wishing everyone a beautiful thanksgiving week. In the spirit of thanksgiving , there are some things l am thankful for.

1) My hubby
2)  My children
3) Having a job is a blessing
4) Having friends that check up on me and really love me is a bigger blessing
5) Having shelter and a cozy home

I have learnt to cherish moments in my life, moments spent with friends and family. enjoy the times, cherish health, enjoy the days, laugh at my kids, just be present in the moment, focus on my own life and growth, ignore negativity and focus on positivity

Things could be worse than they are, but God has kept one and his blessings are new every morning

Be grateful to God

Say thank you to him for everything

In good and bad times

Say God I thank You

My hubby will be making the turkey as usual ....let's just say am counting down to eating a yummy meal

Remain blessed guys!


Monday, November 12, 2018

10 things today


Hope everyone is having a cozy day

It's been so cold in my part of town, not the best type of days to run errands or go to work. But man must survive whether cold, rain or snow. Such is

10 things

1) Drinking hot cocoa as I type this post in my favorite new mug
2) Bought some holiday ornaments for my Christmas tree, I will put up my tree next weekend
3) Happy when my kids are happy
4)Who doesn't like a clean kitchen with a well cooked meal? I do
5) Enjoying more natural things these days in terms of soaps
6) Staying positive in mind, less instagram, more time in the moment with my kids and hubby
7) Had a krazy weekend over buying a he-goat for thanksgiving
8) feeling kinda sleepy, who doesn't like sleep in this weather
9) bought a few holiday items for my co-workers, it will be nice to do gift exchange at work this year
10) learning to save money by reading books about saving money, very important for a rainy day and one is not getting any younger, one must save for retirement and rainy days.

Enjoy the rest of your day and week,

Out of here!