Friday, October 19, 2018

10 things ....lessons learnt so far this year


Hope you are all having a beautiful day today. Today, I thought l share some lessons l have embraced this year. I cannot believe we have only two more months to the end of the year. I truly want to focus my energy on achieving more goals and staying positive. I want to enjoy the holidays and hold my kids close. I hope you all are enjoying the day.

1) Procrastination is truly the thief of time. I have learnt that if there is anything urgent that needs to be done in my life or that of my family . Do it now. Don't wait till next month or next week. Just get on with it and you will see that you can achieve so much more when you learn to do it all now. It's been working for me so far
2) Save save and save. Money comes and goes . We live in a system that wants us to buy everything , things we don't really need and we wonder why money is not there. If one learns the habit of saving even in little, one will be able to see some growth in their money at the end of the year. Hopefully this can be something we all embrace at the beginning of 2019
3) Eating healthy is key to better skin. One must let go of all the unhealthy habit such as sodas, fried processed food and get into the habit of cleaner meals. Something am learning to slowly embrace at the moment
4) Social media detox. I used to be in the habit of scrolling through instagram and wasting precious time. Lately, I have decided that l now have days when I check my social media.... when I am home chilling with the kids, I stay off my phone and just enjoy the moment with the kids. Social media is one way to waste precious time, I enjoy the sanity and peace of just being with my kids versus scrolling via I just feel peaceful when I am not looking at how others live their lives, but focused on my own life in the moment.
5) Enjoy the moment: I am learning to enjoy the moments in life, such as the sound of rain, the morning tea, the smell of fresh baked food. Just live in the moment
6) Staying thankful for my friends: I have made some really good friends in my life that care about me. I can say I am thankful for them. Some people don't have any friends, but if you can count 1 or 3 friends in your life that check up on you every time. You are blessed
7) Using cleaner products: I am getting into the phase where I want to use products that are less chemical. More products that are  safe, free of odors, pleasant for the environment. Especially when it comes to dish soaps, laundry soaps and bathing soaps
8) Forgiveness: Not everyone is going to be my bestie or get along with me. If someone hurts me, I can keep my distance. but l must forgive them . Forgiveness is everything
9)Blogs: I notice that reading blogs is more therapeutic than spending time on instagram or youtube. I enjoy reading cooking blogs. I still engage in reading blogs that teach me a thing or two. Blogging is everything. currently enjoying reading this blog ( is such a great cook and her passion shows through her blog.
10) A quiet bookstore,  weekly planner and habit of journaling: I have enjoyed reading a lot of books this year. A quiet bookstore is everything. I want to continue to read books and magazines that inspire my soul, lift me up and keep me happy. Journaling my thoughts down is therapeutic and makes me feel less stressed. Using a hand written planner is therapeutic and helps me see what I need to accomplish in the week

This is my 10 things so far this year. I hope it was helpful to you

Enjoy the rest of day

Sunday, October 14, 2018

It is by his grace we are able to be who we are


Hope you all had a beautiful Sunday,

I hope all is well in your world

Something on my mind lately

This life we worry so much about

We all busy with our work lives, our kids, our families but let us not forget one thing

Everything we do in this world it is by the grace of God

No one knows tomorrow

Tomorrow is not promised

Take this life one day at a time and always say a thank you prayer to God

For it is by his grace , we are able to do everything we do in this world

It is by your grace o lord

We give you all the praise

Grace will see us through

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Binge watching made in mexico at the moment

Binge watching "Made in Mexico" at the moment. The show is about the rich socialites of  Mexico. Most of the people on the shows are either from rich parents, models or work in the media. It's one stupid show if you ask me, but am watching it because l have days where l enjoy trashy tv and also want to see some culture in

enjoy rest of week!

how many kids do you want ?

@Beautiful people,

Hope you having a great day. Mine is fun. I am off work. I spent the day with the kids at the park. The kids had a lot of fun , then it was off to Mcdonald's to get them kiddies meal. I played games with the kids and their faces were full of smiles till they couldn't laugh anymore

Motherhood is an exciting time for me, the days are fleeing and l cherish every second spent with the babies. My 3 year old daughter is the most smart, talkative yet girlie girl. My 1 year old son is quiet, super caring , love to hug his mother yet cool...the kids have their own personalities but you just love the little people they are becoming

I always knew that someday l would have 3 kids. I enjoy having 2 kids at the moment but l also want my kids to enjoy having relationships with their brother and sisters in the future

I think having 3 kids in the future will complete my family. It would be my daughter, my son and a baby . I just love the idea of having 3 kids

When my 2 kids move to college in the future, the baby would still be at  I just love the idea of 3 kids, the more the merrier. 

2 kids is perfect at the moment, but life is never perfect

A lot of my millenial friends are stopping at 2 kids, they say that it's so easy to raise 2 kids. You don't have to worry about travel, car seats, vacation stress. 2 fits right in. But having 2 kids mean the kids only have 1 relationship with each other, having 3 kids mean the kids have 3 relationship which is more fun and they have each other in the future when am all old and grey

You never regret the kids you have knowing they grow fast, but you regret the one you didn't have....heard that saying

So the question is up to you, how many kids do you have and want? What made you decide you wanted the number of kids and when did you know your family was complete?

remain blessed everyone!

Friday, September 28, 2018

life updates! What new? What's old...counting down to October?

@Beautiful people,

l cannot believe that October is close by.  Can we say thanksgiving is not too far away for anyone residing in Canada. I wish someone could send me some yummy turkey, l actually want some fried turkey legs. Yummy!

What new: A lot been happening in my world. My friend had her baby boy , he was the cutest baby ever :-)

What old: My nanny is no more working for me, long story, she wasn't doing her duties , she spent a lot of time on her phone versus with the kids, she was not really giving the kids full attention

Life been busy in between working, taking care of my babies and hubby

What new: I made a new friend...funny how she is so funny, I really think this new friend will be in my life for the long run.

What old: my father inlaw was in town for a weekend, he had a good visit but has gone back to his home

I truly wish we could skip October, I want November to be here

I am already Christmas shopping, say too early but yes l have started shopping for my son and daughter/hubby

I am thankful for many things this year and l have some unexpected surprises on the way

Will keep you all updated later!

Remain blessed!


What everyone is talking about?


Can you believe October is not too far way? Say what!

Guess what everyone is talking about? It's the movie "Nappily ever after", I watched it on Netflix and let's just say the movie was great

I enjoy that the movie enlightened black women about their natural hair and its beauty, but also l felt a lot of black women today are embracing their natural hair like no other even without this movie

So in 2018, it's kinda late to preach natural hair beauty and all that jazz

My sister been natural for a long time and she loves it, my cousin has natural hair, my friends have natural hair, my daughter has natural hair, it's so common now for one to see on the road people with natural hair

The movie was classy, engaging, and the actress was great at being real

I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone to watch

Go check it out guys :-)

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

How are you doing?


Hope you are all doing well . I can't believe it is already the 11th of September

How time flies?

Life been busy and work been busy.

Looking forward to dressing up my son and daughter for Halloween next month. My son will be spiderman, and my daughter would be a pretty fairy. I can't wait :-)

Learning that the key to a free spirit is forgiveness

What is the point of being angry with others? Useless!

Be free and forgive those who hurt you!

enjoying eating this pizza and sweet tea as l type :-)

Remain blessed,