Friday, May 24, 2019

A gratitude post: Thankful that baby girl is here safe and healthy.


I am so grateful for many things

1) Baby girl's arrival this week at 8 pounds and 11. A perfect healthy baby girl
2) Healthy mother, need l say's a blessing to make it alive from labor and delivery ward
3) Feeling more like my normal myself , meaning my energy is coming back and it feels so great, because before l was  so lazy and felt like a whale, no energy to do anything .lol  :-)
4) Counting down to my first mimosa drink and let's say yummy sushi, o how l missed it .lol
5) kids adapting to new baby, it's a whole new world watching my son and daughter love on the baby girl
6) All the family and friends/neighbors that bought food, really kind of them
7) Gift of life
8) My nurses and my doctor was amazing, made for a whole wonderful birth experience. Always say thank you to any labor and delivery nurse you see, they work so hard and their job is so risky dealing with mother and baby, it truly is a critical part of nursing. Much respect to all the labor and delivery nurses out there, you all ROCK!
9) Peace from above, l feel so relaxed and at peace now baby is here safe and healthy. I am slowly getting into a routine with new baby, my toddlers is busy but I feel so at peace knowing I have 3 beautiful kids and that's what I always wanted, 3 kids and I can focus my energy on other things in life, my career in nursing and other big dream. :-)
10) Next 2 months off from work, just me chilling, bonding with my kids and baby and doing whatever l

Have a blessed weekend!

What are you thankful for ?

There is always something to be thankful for...


Wednesday, May 8, 2019

May is here to stay! It's nurses week 2019


Feels like forever since l blogged on here,

been busy with real life and trying to settle down before baby gets here

how have you all been?

Tomorrow is officially my  last shift at work prior to starting maternity week

This week is nurses week


I enjoy being a Nurse, it is one of the most exciting profession and stable ones to be in at this time

love Nurse life :-)

Enjoy Nurses week

May will be an exciting month


Monday, April 22, 2019

Hello! How time flies in April?


How was your Easter weekend?

It feels to me like April is one of the fastest month ever

I feel like all I do is have fun with family and friends, work full time and take care of kids which is a good thing in itself

Been truly enjoying the month of April

My birthday month is one special month, I enjoyed my special day

My baby shower was so much fun too, I had a blast :-)

Been very lazy to blog lately

maybe it's because l am 36 weeks and very heavy at this time

Truly just counting down to having the baby and getting my energy back

I miss having energy the most

Remain blessed everyone

Friday, April 19, 2019

Happy Easter Weekend!

                                         Wishing everyone a happy Easter Weekend!

Monday, April 1, 2019

Hello April, you have been missed!

Hello April,

I am excited for this month of April, I love April showers that bring May flowers. I love that the weather is warmer, more sunny and it's beautiful to be outside

Looking forward to my "diapers  and drink event " for baby girl. I really wasn't thinking of a  baby shower knowing this is my third baby, but my friends/hubby kept asking me. In the end , I was like let's make it happen. My friend is in charge of decorating , while my other friend is in charge of the games. it's just a time for friends and coworkers to come together , eat yummy food drink , bring diapers for baby girl. I am thankful to God for proving my needs, baby girl has all she needs, but diapers, lots of diapers for baby girl will be perfect :-)

it's officially my birthday month and l am thrilled, also it would be my hubby's birthday this month. we are both April babies and it's always exciting to have something to celebrate :-)

I enjoy my birthday month, a time to remind myself that l am blessed, grateful to God for his many blessings :-)

I enjoy Easter with my babies, seeing them wear their Easter outfit , the Easter eggs, also a time when Christ rose from the dead is worth celebrating.

What do you love about April?

Share your stories!

Have a blessed Day!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

What i am currently watching ?


How are you all doing? Sometimes when off from work, I try to relax by catching up on my favorite shows either on Netflix or via Amazon . So far, been enjoying this shows so far.

This movie is about a middle age woman finding  her way, you can find it on Netflix

Enjoyed this  Netflix series , knowing it empowers women

One can watch this on Amazon prime, really good series even when it is Indian

Enjoy rest of day!