Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Happy new month of August

Happy New Month,

August is here!

I love the month of August for it's the beginning of school season, fall weather, the holidays and all that good stuff

Did I forget to mention Christmas/December is in 4 months?

I didn't do so much this summer

Let's just say relocating to a new city and starting a new job took the most of my summer

I haven't gone on any real vacation this year

Life been all about settling down in my new city

The good thing about a new month and season is the ability to work on your goals

Are you meeting your goals?

Are you still not where you want to be?

We still have time before 2019 gets here

Don't slack on your success

Run your own race

Your destiny is calling!

Have a blessed August!

Friday, July 20, 2018

How are you?

Sometimes all people do is talk about themselves, but the simple question to you today is how are you doing?

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Out of here1

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Inspiration: Never wait for tomorrow to accomplish your goals


Hope you are having a blessed week,

I noticed that people who procrastinate in life never accomplish their goals

If there is something you need to do today, do it today

Don't say tomorrow

Time flies so fast

Weeks are fleeing, weeks turn into days, days into month

Pray hard, write your goals down and accomplish it all

Time is so precious, don't wait for someone to do your goals for you

You are born to be purposeful and accomplish all things

Have a blessed week

Out of here!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Life updates and staying positive! What's new , what's old, what's happening today?


Feels like its been a while ago I wrote on my blog. A lot of happenings in my world lately

Today, I finally have a new nanny taking care of the kids ...bye bye to daycare troubles for now.  The last daycare closed on our kids without even giving a 2 weeks notice, a friend suggested we try the nanny route. I was skeptical at first knowing am so did not want the nanny drama in my life, but after interviewing a few grandma' of them just clicked with the family. She is the most kindest woman ever and the kids love her. For now, hopefully it's a positive one for the family

What's as a charge nurse is going great so far, just busy days and krazy shifts but hanging in there.

What new? ...counting down to the fall weather season. It's been so hot in the city of Texas, I mean hot to the fact where sweat is dripping from your tshirt. I am so over the heat, hotness of summer. I love the weather when bright and more daylight but let's just say I can't stand the heat

One of my friend's will be having a baby boy by the end of this month. I am so happy for her. She is am awesome friend so far. I love having positive friends that you can laugh with and not feel judged. Her husband is just so friendly as well, my hubby and him get along fine. Cheers to new friendship

To all things good...I say cheers

To all things old...I say cheers

To all happenings today...I say cheers

To all the things to come later...I say cheers

Stay positive always and be kind to all, for you never know when you will entertain an Angel who will answer all your request in life

Thanks for reading,

Will be back!


Thursday, June 28, 2018

life updates...have a good weekend everyone.


How is everyone doing?

I am looking forward to July

July has lots of activities planned already

My hubby's sister is visiting to come see the kids

I look forward to that

Is everyone doing well?

Been dealing with some daycare stress for the kids lately

I have always hated daycare and its uncertainity

Today your kids can be happy in daycare

Tomorrow the daycare can shut down

As a mother, it worries me to keep changing daycare for the kid

Kids have to adapt to a new daycare and environment

Main rant is hoping to find a permanent daycare for my kids where there will be no daycare problems with managment

Tired already just typing this!

Learning to run my own race and focus on what's important which is myself and the people who enrich my life. Outside of that, l really don't care about anything

life is too short to focus on things that don't make sense

Remain blessed


Sunday, June 24, 2018

A good weekend

Having a good weekend, no planning, just me chilling with the family

I enjoy hanging out with my kids and hubby

they are all my favorite people

My son is 1 year old

My daughter is 3 years old

Just love them so much

Truly making sure I cherish this moments for they grow fast

And if God bless me with more kids

Will continue to be the best mum to them all

Have a blessed week.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Netflix, eating healthy, life lately

How are you all doing?

I have the weekend off, excited!

I look forward to catching up with one of my friends, that's if l make it. She is heavily pregnant and wants to go get pedicure with me, so we will look into

Just had this yummy dish for lunch. It is fresh croaker fish with pearl couscous and veggies. Yummy!

Work has been very interesting lately, my job has exciting people and stories, never a dull day working in my hospital. It's been very rewarding working with patients and I  love my co-workers, we are all like a close knit family at night shift in our hospital, the nurses on my floor are one word...AWESOME! Now that I am getting used to the paper work and nurse charting, it's like so much more fun going to work :-)

Check out this show if bored at home, l binge watch on Netflix when free. This one is in Spanish but I love any show about fashion, class and just romance

So thankful there is no more birthdays till next year. Thank God also that father's day is OVER, I am so happy to just not worry of

Am going to have a lazy weekend with myself , hubby and kids

Enjoy rest of week :-)